Sacred Awakening Oracle Card Deck ... 'Tarot' Readings

AwarenessDecksmallerFor Life Enhancement and guidance tool for self-inquiry ... helping to shift your Awareness.

DeckReadingAwareness Guidance Readings, a visual map for deeper consciousness of life, soul & heart.

Love Heart Amulet - Mu Mist - Prints

For Loving Vibes!
Energetically infused into million old druzy crystal geodes.

Perfume for Well Being!
An energetic mist for engulfing yourself in sweet frequencies.

Change your Perspective, Transform your Life


Meditation, Awareness Guidance Reading, Life Enhancement Coaching, Reiki and Energy Transmission, and more.

It all started on Kauai ... Hawaii, and a clear vision in 2007 lead me to this.
Maui is the island I am living on now and I love to share my gifts and services to enhance your life and for sweet transformation. 

- Awareness Guidance Reading ...  Sa'arah offers spiritual sessions to guide you in the life changes your soul desires. Like a 'visual map' for your life, heart and soul. (Life Enhancement Coaching)
- Reiki & Energy Transmission  ...  in addition to a 'tarot' reading ... to facilitale deeper transformation.
- 4Change Your Perspective, Transform Your Life ...  a 4-week transformational program.
- Teachings, Meditations etc. ... coming soon

- Sacred Awakening 'Tarot' Card Deck ...  for deeper awareness, spiritual inquiry, clarity, enhancing your higher consciousness guidance, love and oneness within.
- Mu Mist ...  a perfume for Well Being! An exquisite combination of advanced levels of light and therapeutic grade essential oils in form of a mist to engulf yourself on a daily basis in sweet frequencies.
- Love Heart Amulet ... for Loving Vibes! A piece accompanying you in your every-day life with its beautiful heart soothing energies. A druzy or geode is a gateway to spirit.
- Prints ... experience these breath-taking images in its 'bigger picture' with amazing colores and a 3-dimensional effect.

Lets back up a little about my story...
In the early 2000's, I painted a symbolic picture for my dance classes. At a healing gathering a woman who is very sensitive to energies approached me saying: "This picture is very healing and I could look at it for hours. You should paint more!" Wow, I was surprised, and yes I opened up for more information to be downloaded and painted.

And then, the clear vision in 2007 ... of creating my own 'Tarot' cards!
I began to work on the cards without having a concept. I just trusted and created the cards, which are a fusion of my paintings with superimposed photos, pictures and symbols. While I created them I always felt a loving presence. Later on I learned that the Ascended Masters are behind the cards, and especially St. Germain.

Et voila, the deck containing 67 cards was created over a time period of several years. And from here it grew, to what it is today.

I moved to the islands in 1997, from the Heart of Europe Switzerland. I love to share with you the practice of deeper Awareness, Spiritual Reflection and of opening the Portal to Higher Consciousness. In this expanded way I may empower your connection with your Heart and Soul, Your Self and Spirit.

"Thank you so much for your healing energy!! 
Just looking at your beautiful creations brought t
ears to my eyes :)
 Luna, Tx

"I look forward to Creating with my cards... Thanks so much for creating these beautiful essences, I admire your exceptional skill and creativity.. God bless you Sa'arah, in goodness, happiness and radiant love..."   Kirsten, London

"Your cards are incredible ... and you strike me as a reader who is not doing a regular card reading, but as a spiritual worker who is doing energetic work." Carole, Boston

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Awareness Guidance Readings
Life Enhancement Coach
Reiki Master & Energy Transmission


(in person, by phone, or skype)


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